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Facilities and Riding Trails

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Riding Trails

To the North, there are endless BLM trails; to the South, COID land allows excellent trails.
3-4 mile loop and 8-9 mile loops
Haul-in Fee $15 Generous parking and trailer/truck turnaround. The Ranch trails are groomed weekly to keep rock minimal... keeping it safe for any horse and rider to lope or trot.


Our Facilites

Our facility includes 2 barn cats, Tux and Black Jack, we call them the keepers of the barn.

Our monthly fee is $500 and is due on the 1st of each month. Our fees include feeding, prepared grains for each horse, fly masks, and winter coats as needed. Horses are handled each day and walked to their designated meadow for the day.

Heated barn with water tanks, and cleaned weekly.

Text or Call for pricing and a tour of the facility:

Judy Deimel, Ranch Manager • 504-259-3975
Cherie Appleby, Operator • 310-699-1487

Matt Feffer​Our Foreman  • 541-668-2287

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